Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mfg. & Exporters of Dyes & Dyes Intermediates

Yashchem International Established since 2005, Yashchem International has a reputation of being a quality & innovative supplier of textile & non-textile dyestuffs, pigments and chemicals. 
We are growing at a constant pace in revenues and adding new products at the same time there by providing cost effective solutions for the dye-house while maintaining superior quality and consistency. 
All our products manufactured at our quality certified plants in Ahmedabad and Ankleshwar located in Gujarat pass a series of stringent in-process and final tests to ensure product compliance as per requirements.
Vision :
Quality Manufacturers, in Quality Environment, providing Quality Dyes for Quality Clients sums up the pre eminence in its totality.
The stupendous growth would not have been possible without the people who contributed at each and every step of our progress. Right from the grassroots level to the leadership team, we have been driven by passion to excel wherever we are. An extension of this drive has been the participative leadership.
With over 9 years’ experience spanning many sectors of industry; Yashchem International has been at the forefront of offering premium quality products and are intending to have a leading presence in world market. Yashchem International has established strong foothold in the discerning domestic markets, which results not only from an expanded sales presence but also from deep sense of commitment to our customers’ success.
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